21 days to make a habit …

Yes it has been a while … but hey increased hours at work and the beckoning call of a milder Adelaide summer has had me a run a little ragged ! Not to mention some fun Fringe Festivities .. Really, I am in awe that today is the 1st of April ! How, may I ask are we in the fourth month of the year already? It feels like I just took my christmas tree down … well it did take a while to undecorate and dismantle all seven foot of it !

Seriously though Summer has been a mixed bag of new ventures, friendships, bumper crops of tomatoes, basil and zucchinis, booking loads of travel ( for others .. ) and a few relaxing Sundays with Rose and music. Its been up and down in the gut/joint department too (but I may be partially to blame here )… and thanks to further strata ‘levies’, I now simply refer to our savings account as the ‘s’ fund ! But hey I have had some fun in my absence from the blog. Yet last week, curled up on the couch and in the grips of a nasty flu, I realised how much I’ve missed it and hence I am back with a commitment to post each week ! Baby steps and all …


But back to the fact it is now April… we are one month in to Autumn now, my absolute favourite month and in true Adelaide fashion we have had all sorts of weather … last week I had the heater on and was dreaming up pumpkin recipes and today is 31 and I’m thinking of raiding the rest of my summer veg patch to create a yummy vegetarian salad with help of the BBQ. Cause switching that oven on is just going to be too much !  And with that last comment finally I come to the point of todays post.

Sam and I are going vegetarian … for 21 days ! True this moment has been coming since I got my hands on GK Stories book last year, but its with great surprise that Sam is keen to join in .. almost excited in fact. True our diet over the last year has migrated to a much more plant based one … but no meat or seafood for 21 days, over 3 meals a day is going to be a feat, let me tell you. I confess I am not sure Sam will make it and I am already thinking of the best place for a seafood platter on 22/04 ! Yet I love goals, I love challenges and the idea behind 21 ? Well as the old saying goes, it takes 21 days to create a habit. No we are not going veg for life .. I couldn’t possibly give up my Salmon and Sam would perhaps wilt away … but the idea is to shake up our weekly meals and discover some great new recipes together.

Admittedly I had a small freak out Sunday when planning the weekly meals. After all I do most all of the cooking .. and what if I could not find fast, simple, clean recipes that are appropriately balanced and gentle enough on my stomach ?! In our house hold we love cheese .. it just doesn’t always love me … and Sunday morning all I was finding were cheese or gluten based vegetarian alternatives. GULP. I’d already put our challenge out there to friends, family and the universe ( since January ! ) .. so it was a commitment, but what to cook ?! Enter a blog I rediscovered just this morning … My Darling Lemon Thyme. One talented blogger and chef who has saved me, got me excited again and also given me an excuse to buy yet another cookbook ( released today .. ) !

Thus get your screens ready for the trials and tribulations of our 21 day challenge. My Pinterest page will be updated regularly with recipe ideas and I will pop even a few tried and tested recipes up here as well. We hope to discover as a few vegetarian/vegan friendly spots around Adelaide too. And last but not least, if you have any fav recipes or South Australian haunts for the vegetarian then I’d love to hear ?!

Till next time .. xo







Healthy, Happy and Energetic – these are the three words I would like to be able to use to describe my last week – and indeed myself in general.  They are three words which I feel lead to a life worth celebrating each day.

The last week however has proved an epic challenge and in many ways I have failed to aim and concentrate on the important goals I have set myself ! In conjunction with my return to work my digestion has not exactly played fair. Poor planning, a lack of focus and lack of exercise most definitely have played a part. Failure, like success, is a collection of smaller things that you do ( or don’t do ) daily which in turn cause an outcome. It’s also so much about mindset.

“The mind is everything. What you think you become.” – Buddha

My return to work stirred all sorts of emotions. I am so lucky to be working with a great bunch of lassies and creating a lot of wonderful memorable adventures for people, however the negative aspects of my job ( and all jobs have them ! ) stood out non the less; as did the blatant fact that my poor health is stopping me from achieving success in my line of work – or ever challenging myself to achieve loftier things. It is interesting I chose to take this outlook rather than celebrate the fact I was able to return to work at all. Sam flew out to Mexico to celebrate with all the high achievers in our industry this past week and I am certain that a quieter household and the fact I was unable to join him in celebrating success is why I chose to reflect in such a downtrodden manner. I found myself with less time to focus and inspire myself and so I subsequently I didn’t concentrate on my goals when I did have the time.

I almost decided not to put up this post, given that it is meant to be a positive space and the fact I wish to encourage and inspire others, but as downs are as much a part of any journey than ups, it seemed wrong not to share. It’s not easy for a perfectionist to admit all is not …   perfect ( for lack of a better word ) , but I truly believe without failure there is never success. I do not know who originally said it, but google positive affirmations and you will be greeted with a plethora of quotes that take a similar line.

It is not enough to accept a hurdle or kink in the road, but one must truly overcome them to move forward. Thus inspired by one of the books I am currently reading,  The Happiness Project,  I have decided to dedicate the next four weeks to improving my energy. Gretchen Rubin’s no-nonsense approach to achieving happiness by setting clear, measurable goals appeals to my nature and with more energy surely I can remain more focused on my goals and health. It ties in so nicely with my return to work and more hectic days .. I cannot believe I did not think of it sooner. Such is the purpose of hurdles !

So for now I am off to regroup, set some clear measurable goals based around improving my energy levels … and yes .. drop 70 squats ( ! ).