Healthy, Happy and Energetic – these are the three words I would like to be able to use to describe my last week – and indeed myself in general.  They are three words which I feel lead to a life worth celebrating each day.

The last week however has proved an epic challenge and in many ways I have failed to aim and concentrate on the important goals I have set myself ! In conjunction with my return to work my digestion has not exactly played fair. Poor planning, a lack of focus and lack of exercise most definitely have played a part. Failure, like success, is a collection of smaller things that you do ( or don’t do ) daily which in turn cause an outcome. It’s also so much about mindset.

“The mind is everything. What you think you become.” – Buddha

My return to work stirred all sorts of emotions. I am so lucky to be working with a great bunch of lassies and creating a lot of wonderful memorable adventures for people, however the negative aspects of my job ( and all jobs have them ! ) stood out non the less; as did the blatant fact that my poor health is stopping me from achieving success in my line of work – or ever challenging myself to achieve loftier things. It is interesting I chose to take this outlook rather than celebrate the fact I was able to return to work at all. Sam flew out to Mexico to celebrate with all the high achievers in our industry this past week and I am certain that a quieter household and the fact I was unable to join him in celebrating success is why I chose to reflect in such a downtrodden manner. I found myself with less time to focus and inspire myself and so I subsequently I didn’t concentrate on my goals when I did have the time.

I almost decided not to put up this post, given that it is meant to be a positive space and the fact I wish to encourage and inspire others, but as downs are as much a part of any journey than ups, it seemed wrong not to share. It’s not easy for a perfectionist to admit all is not …   perfect ( for lack of a better word ) , but I truly believe without failure there is never success. I do not know who originally said it, but google positive affirmations and you will be greeted with a plethora of quotes that take a similar line.

It is not enough to accept a hurdle or kink in the road, but one must truly overcome them to move forward. Thus inspired by one of the books I am currently reading,  The Happiness Project,  I have decided to dedicate the next four weeks to improving my energy. Gretchen Rubin’s no-nonsense approach to achieving happiness by setting clear, measurable goals appeals to my nature and with more energy surely I can remain more focused on my goals and health. It ties in so nicely with my return to work and more hectic days .. I cannot believe I did not think of it sooner. Such is the purpose of hurdles !

So for now I am off to regroup, set some clear measurable goals based around improving my energy levels … and yes .. drop 70 squats ( ! ).