Resolving to love 2014.

Well a very Merry Christmas to all and I hope the year 2014 is kind to you 🙂 First a few seasonal shots ! Then a few seasonal thoughts …

I started this Blog for various reasons, but principally it seemed a therapeutic exercise to take part in when things were looking somewhat low. I hoped it would keep me mindful to what is important and perhaps even inspire others to do the same. I think, despite it not being a consistent practice it has helped.  Truthfully the blogging world has opened up my mind and soul to what anyone can achieve .. and has offered a plethora of support and information when both natural health practitioners, doctors and specialists seemed to give me consistently conflicting information !

Now that the doors of 2013 have well and truly closed, I find myself packing away all our Xmas cheer and truly reflecting on the year that has passed. It was a tough year financially, medically and subsequently emotionally. The ups and downs have taken its toll, but I have learnt so much about myself, others and what really matters. Over all I am grateful for what 2013 has taught me and whilst you won’t find me wishing for another year like the last; I am proud of my perseverance and come away with an understanding that healing is far more than the right doctor, right medication or diet. It is about family, friends, love, dreams and adventures. We should wake up each day expecting that something wonderful will happen. No ailment should define us.

Thus I begin 2014 with a strong resolve to make it a happy year, no matter what challenges the universe offers up – I want to dream big and aim for the stars in all aspects of my life. Like so many others I have my resolutions and plans. Sam and I made ours together this year and it was lovely to know we were on the same page. Career takes a strong place in Sam’s as he goes for a promotion, but as I return to more hours at work it also plays a strong part in mine. I am excited to where our careers may take us in 2014. Of course health and fitness is a strong focus and I look forward to our joint Yoga classes ( I am hoping Sam likes it as much as me ! ), continuing to make and eat healthy, locally sourced food. Most of all we will cherish each other and our nearest and dearest more. In 2014 we will be more mindful. We haven’t booked a big trip for the year ( unusual ! ), there is no wedding date set as yet, however I feel more ready and excited about the next 12 months than many of those past! Perhaps it is all about head space ?!

Forgive yesterday, be mindful of today and dream of tomorrow.

So in a final hoorah to the year that was I’ve listed just a few of my favourite things 🙂 Perhaps they may inspire your 2014 ?!

Favourite Things of 2013

Green Kitchen Stories Blog and Book – by far the most inspiring and  family. With such beautiful stories, photographs and recipes I find myself all too often whipping up one of there creations in my kitchen and dreaming of Sweden !

The Healthy Chef – Teresa Cutter – the women who taught me how to bake healthy treats and truly nourishing meals !

Sarah Wilson – I am still on the fence with the entire quitting sugar thing, even though my dietitian introduced the benefits of fructose free to an unheathly gut 12 months ago, I’m not a fan of eliminating anything from your diet entirely. However I do find her story inspiring and her outlook refreshing.

Kikki K – Inspiring , fantastic and simply just pretty 🙂

All things Lorna Jane .. what a women !

Pinterest – honestly its a visual utopia .. and a great distraction/motivator !

Our adventures in New York and amazing getaway in Sydney .. because Travel truly does enrich the soul !!

And last but not least Family and Friends – 2013 was the first time I held my niece and nephew – the two most gorgeous Canadian/Aussies around .. and that has to be one mega highlight !!!

Love and peace to all – and a very Happy New Year xo


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